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Caimito Star Apple, Frozen 850 g

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Made In:VietnamUnit Qty:850 gBrand:Dragonfly
Dietary Needs:
No SodiumCholesterol-FreeTrans Fat-FreeFat-Free


It seemed not too long ago when you could step sa labas ng bahay (outside your house) to reach for a ripe, round, and juicy caimito from the tree. An instant milky refresher that we’ve all missed, the wait finally ends as the sweet and creamy caimito is ready to be delivered to your doorstep.

Due to the seasonal nature of caimito, it is only available in limited quantities.

PRO TIP! The best way to defrost caimito: submerge the packaging in room temperature water until the fruit is soft. 

If you’re new to this delectable fruit, caimito (also known as star apple), is an exotic fruit found in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

When the caimito is cut in half, you’ll see that its cells resemble the shape of a star — giving it its infamous name. Freshly picked and flash-frozen from Vietnam, this variant of caimito has a green skin that encloses a white juicy pulp and tastes like a silky blend of apple, lychee, and persimmon.

This star apple also improves digestive health as it’s rich in fiber, antioxidants and not to mention high in vitamin C. Scrape the inside and classically enjoy caimito with crushed ice and a swirl of condensed milk.



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