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Puregold Lato

Puregold Lato Sea Grapes 230 g

Delectable Seaweed from Southeast Asia
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Made In:VietnamUnit Qty:230 gBrand:Puregold Lato
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Sugar FreeCholesterol-FreeLow FatTrans Fat-Free


Did someone say green caviar? Also known as Green Caviar, Ararosep, Umibudo, or Sea Grapes, Puregold Lato Sea Grapes is a delicious seaweed that resembles miniature grapes. Lato plumps to three times its size when you soak it in water…and POPS in your mouth. Just like the texture of caviar, but with the taste of seaweed. Soak it in cold water to make the grapes bloom and to soften their saltiness. Native to the Philippines and Southeast Asia, sea grapes are a taste of the ocean. Enjoy them raw on their own, mixed in a salad, dipped in ponzu sauce, rolled into sushi, topped on a rice cracker–– the options are endless! 

Ingredients: Seagrape Seaweeds, Purified Water, Salt.


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