Buy mooncake online

Buy mooncake online

Mooncakes are a traditional pastry enjoyed during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is a traditional harvest festival celebrated in Chinese culture, as well as in various other East and Southeast Asian communities. Mooncakes are gifted during the Mid-Autumn Festival as they symbolize completeness and unity. They are typically filled with ingredients like lotus seed paste, red bean paste, salted egg yolks, and sometimes nuts or dried fruits. You can purchase mooncakes from Weee! right now during the pre-sale to get up to 20% off and ensure timely delivery for the festival with free delivery available for mooncakes. Promotion period: 6/17-9/17 (Fresh gourmet, Fresh bakery & Global+ products excluded)

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Frequently asked questions

What is a mooncake?

A mooncake is a Chinese pastry typically consumed during the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is round in shape to symbolize unity and often filled with sweet pastes like red bean or lotus seed.

Are mooncakes sold year round?

Mooncakes are typically sold and enjoyed primarily around the Mid-Autumn Festival, which usually falls in September or October. However, some stores like will pre-sale mooncakes before the start of Mid-Autumn Festival with discounts and free delivery.

What are common fillings of a mooncake?

Popular fillings for mooncakes include lotus seed paste, sweet red bean paste, and various types of nuts. Some mooncakes also contain a whole salted egg yolk in the center to represent the moon.

Can I make mooncakes at home?

Yes, you can make mooncakes at home although the process can be quite involved and time-consuming. Recipes and tutorials can be found online.

Does everyone in China celebrate with mooncakes?

While not everyone in China may celebrate, mooncakes are widely consumed around the country during the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is one of the major holidays in China.

What is the symbolism behind mooncakes?

Mooncakes are round, symbolizing unity and wholeness. The act of sharing mooncakes amongst family members during the Mid-Autumn Festival also represents unity of families.

Where can I buy mooncakes?

You can buy it at Weee! Asian Market,

Can mooncakes be vegan?

Yes, there are vegan versions of mooncakes available which omit the egg yolk and use plant-based ingredients for the filling.

What is Snow Skin Mooncake?

Snow Skin Mooncakes are a type of non-baked mooncakes that are made with a soft, chewy, and slightly translucent skin, similar to mochi. They are typically served cold.

When can you buy moon cakes?

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Where is the mooncake originally from?

Mooncake is originally from China. It is traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

How does a mooncake taste?

The taste of a mooncake can vary greatly depending on the filling. But generally it has a sweet and dense flavor.

Are mooncakes healthy?

Like most pastries, mooncakes are high in sugar and calories and should be consumed in moderation. However, they do not contain preservatives and some fillings such as red beans and lotus seeds do have nutritional benefits.

How long can I keep a mooncake?

A mooncake can be kept for up to 2 weeks when stored in a cool and dry place.

Should mooncakes be served warm or cold?

Mooncakes can be served either way, but traditionally they are eaten at room temperature.

Can I refrigerate mooncakes?

Yes, you can refrigerate mooncakes to prolong their freshness. However, they should be brought to room temperature before serving.

Is there a gluten-free mooncake option?

While traditional mooncakes are not gluten-free, there are recipes and stores that offer gluten-free options.

Is it appropriate to give mooncakes as a gift?

Yes, giving mooncakes as gifts is a common practice, especially during the Mid-Autumn Festival. It's a way to show respect and maintain close relationships with family, friends, or business partners.