Chinese scallion pancakes near me

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Scallion Pancakes! Originally from China, this cherished crispy and chewy flatbread bursts with the savory taste of green onions. Made from a simple blend of flour, water, salt, vegetable oil, and green onions, it offers endless possibilities. Elevate your Scallion Pancakes by layering them with cheese, meat, or egg. They're perfect on their own or paired with your favorite sauce. Besides being easy recipe to make from scratch, you can also find your preferred brands like IMei, LQQM, Little Allie, and more on Weee! Scallion pancakes make a wonderful quick breakfast or snack. Choose your favorite and get them delivered to your door from Weee! with free delivery available

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IMei Green Onion Pancake, Frozen
LQQM Puff Paratha Chive Onion Flatbread 5pc, Frozen
Little Alley Hand-Pulled Layered Scallion Pancakes, Frozen
LQQM Puff Paratha Chive Onion Flatbread 10pc, Frozen
Chang Li Sheng Shanghai Scallion Pancake

Scallion Pancake near me

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