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If you're looking for any place to get Tanghulu: A Chinese street food sensation now available for delivery on Weee! Tanghulu is a traditional Chinese snack consisting of skewered fruits, typically strawberries or hawthorns, coated in a glossy layer of hardened sugar syrup. It's considered a popular Northern Chinese candied fruit snack. Experience the irresistible combination of sweet and tart flavors in every crispy bite. Experience the TikTok viral freeze-dried candied snack delivered right to your door from Weee!, indulging in the perfect blend of sweet and tangy flavors with every crispy bite.

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Frequently asked questions

What is tanghulu?

Tanghulu is a traditional Chinese snack made of fruits skewered on bamboo sticks, coated in a hard sugar glaze. Its also known as Bing tanghulu and Tanghulu hawthorn candy

What is the correct spelling?

Some people write tanghuku, tanghuly, but the most traditional way is tanghulu.

How is tanghulu made?

Tanghulu is made by skewering fruits on bamboo sticks, coating them in a sugar syrup, and letting them harden before serving.

Is tanghulu vegan?

Yes, tanghulu can be made vegan by using plant-based sugar and skipping animal-derived ingredients.

Is tanghulu a popular street food in China?

Yes, tanghulu is commonly found as a street food in China, its more. It's considered a popular Northern Chinese candied fruit snack

How long does tanghulu last?

Tanghulu is best consumed fresh but can last for a few days when stored in an airtight container at room temperature.

Does tanghulu come in different flavors?

Yes, you can find tanghulu in various flavors such as strawberry, grape, and lemon.

Is tanghulu suitable for kids?

Tanghulu can be a fun and sweet treat for kids, but it's best to monitor their sugar intake.

Can I customize the fruits in tanghulu?

Yes, you can customize the fruits in tanghulu to your liking, making it a versatile snack option.

Is tanghulu served cold or warm?

Tanghulu is typically served at room temperature, but you can enjoy it cold or warm based on preference.

What fruits are commonly used for tanghulu?

Common fruits used for tanghulu include hawthorns, strawberries, grapes, pineapples, and oranges.

Where to buy tanghulu near me

The best place to buy Tanghulu near you is through Sayweee. We will deliver it to your doorstep and free shiping is available

Is tanghulu a healthy snack?

While tanghulu is made from fruits, the sugar coating may make it less healthy compared to eating plain fruits.

Is tanghulu gluten-free?

Yes, tanghulu is typically gluten-free as it only involves fruits and sugar.

Can I make tanghulu at home?

Yes, you can make tanghulu at home by following a simple recipe using your favorite fruits and sugar syrup.

Is tanghulu a traditional Chinese dessert?

Yes, tanghulu has been enjoyed as a traditional Chinese dessert for centuries.

Can I buy tanghulu online?

Yes, you can buy tanghulu at Weee! Asian Market,

How much does tanghulu cost?

The price of tanghulu can vary depending on the vendor and the type of fruits used.

Can I buy Tanghulu in Las Vegas, Washington, Phoenix, Chicago, Los Angeles,Maryland, San Antonio, and Dallas?

Yes, Weee! delivers nationwide.